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ZeroScore™ is focusing on data security and fraud protection on the acquirer and merchant side of the credit card system. We offer the following consulting services:

Account Data Compromise Investigation

Cardholder data compromise occurs when a merchant’s payment system is breached and cardholder account information is stolen. When a data compromise occurs, it is critical to contain the damage quickly to protect customer data and immediately identify the root cause of the event. Merchants must produce an accurate record of events for authorities. ZeroScore™ can hep you in every step from beginning to end to identify, secure and report the cause. We have access to qualified agents as well as Qualified Incident Response Assessor (QIRA) to perform a forensic investigation within a specific time frame.

Before you contact us make sure that you contain and limit the exposure – It is very important to preserve evidence and assist with the investigation to minimize the risk exposure. You should adhere to the following:

  • Do not access or alter a compromised system
  • Do not turn the compromised system off, but isolate it from the network
  • Preserve logs and continue to log all actions taken
  • If using a wireless network, change the access point
  • Write down details of the data breach, including who, what, when and where
  • Law enforcement notifications, if applicable
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Anti Fraud Consulting

ZeroScore™ is a leader in identifying, tracking and investigating credit card frauds online. Its portfolio of products and services afford a vast array of tools and methodologies to mitigate the effects of fraud. ZeroScore™s approach is to minimize the exposure to fraud throughout the companies online platform and to aggressively investigate any allegations of fraud effectively and efficiently.

ZeroScore™s team delivers strategic business solutions for clients requiring in-depth protection and analysis of operational and transactional data. This approach to managing large and disparate sources of information affords the opportunity to identify potential irregularities and patterns in the data which may indicate a fraud friendly environment.

The ZeroScore™ professionals business and technology experience allow them insight into the critical business processes where the risk of fraud is greatest. By understanding the sources of data and mapping the relationship between data in various systems and geographies, patterns emerge that may be signatures of fraudulent activity.

After identification, we work together with the company to set up business rules and protection systems to mitigate the effects of fraud.

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